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All about Homeschooling 

How to get started, The law, Rights and Responsibilities.

First, pray and ask God for guidance...


The parent must submit a Letter or Notice of Intent within 30 days of the establishment of their home education program.

 Every student over the age of six to sixteen, or if age six by Feb. 1st,  must be included on NOI.

If a child is currently attending a Broward County Public School, you must:

  • First - Withdraw the student from public school

  • Next - Submit the Notice of Intent to establish a home education program. 


In Broward County the notice of intent can be sent to via email to:

In Dade County the notice of intent can be sent to via email to:



Parents must provide an Annual Evaluation for each student on or before each anniversary of the date of registration (the date Notice of Intent was emailed or mailed). The Annual Evaluation can be emailed as long as there are no signs of any tampering having been done.

Email to:

Parents must preserve each student’s Portfolio for two years and make it available for inspection by the Superintendent’s designee, with a written notice. Evaluators.


Parents must file a written Notice Of Termination upon completion of the home education program with the district school superintendent, along with the annual evaluation, within 30 days of termination.

Email to:



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Please Support The FL Home Education Foundation. They help write the law to the benefit and protection of all FL Homeschoolers. They rely solely on the generosity of homeschooling families.

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