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The High School Years

If possible, middle school is the time to plan for High School. Do your research and have a plan. This will help facilitate your student's College or Trade School application process.


Course Codes for Transcripts

Sample Transcript

Make your own Transcripts

Have transcripts delivered to colleges - paid transcript services

Helpful Home school through high school Videos

What does FL require for high school graduation?

Military Enlisting

NCAA for Home Educated Athletes

Career planning for Middle and High schoolers Great Resource!

Bright Futures Scholarship

Dual enrollment - earn high school and college credits at the same time FREE tuition Broward College ,  FIU , UF, FAU

Home Education and Exceptional Student Services (Special Needs)

Go to All About Homeschooling

Go to Letter of Intent

Go to homeschooling rights and benefits. HERE

Go to Testing and Evaluation Services

Go to Virtual Schools

Go to FAQs

Go to The History of Homeschooling in FL

Please Support The FL Home Education Foundation (HEF). They help write the law to the benefit and protection of all FL Home schoolers. They rely solely on the generosity of homeschooling families.

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