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Co-op Mission Statement and Guidelines

Mission Statement


Our mission is to glorify God and edify one another by providing a variety of enrichment programs and an opportunity for families to mentor and develop friendships within our homeschooling community.




Our member-led co-op’s purpose is to supplement the parent’s home education by providing enrichment classes from pre- k through elementary grades and educational classes to middle school and high school grades. We strive to keep this co-op free of charge (only rental fees and supplies fees) and as a ministry to each other.   


The co-op was created to provide an environment for home educated children to get together for fun and learning. Our purpose is to provide our children with an opportunity to further develop a love of learning through Christ-centered, supervised, parent directed group interaction.


We hold classes for our students, but these classes are what we consider supplemental. This supplemental model allows parents to continue to take full responsibility for their children's academics. 


The exception to our supplemental classes are our middle school and high school classes: We are an academic co-op for middle and high schoolers. Classes completed at our co-op for middle and high school are planned so that they can be used on a high school transcript.



Co-op Organizational Model


The co-op is organized and operated for the benefit of those using its services. As a result, active participation, commitment and personal responsibility are required from each family enrolled in the program. One parent from each member family must attend and stay present at every co-op meeting, and the attending parent is expected to serve as a teacher or assistant teacher. The co-op will meet  regularly from September through May.



Membership Requirements

To make sure we are all in agreement and we stay true to our Christian faith, we require that all co-op members be members of HEARTS. All members must commit to Statement of Faith in HEARTS membership form. 

In order to join and attend the co-op, families must be home educating at least one child who will be at least 3 years old by December 31st of current year.



Joining the Co-op

In order to become a member, one needs to go have a phone conversation with the coordinators and attend the mandatory meeting.

A commitment to teach, co-teach or participate in the running of the co-op is required. A small fee to cover the use of facilities will be required.


Registration Deadlines

2018-2019 Co-op Registration: We have a very limited number of seats available. We encourage you to register. Registration will close soon. We will determine if we have openings based on enrollment size.


To let us know you're interested in finding out about joining our co-op, please send your information to: Include Co-op in the title and we will contact you soon.

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