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Co-op Code of Conduct Agreement

All students, parents, volunteers will conduct themselves in a manner that is honoring of God in their actions and in their attire. Our goal is to strive for Christ-like behavior.

You will be respectful to all people and you will respect the facilities of any activity you attend. This extends to the host(s) of the activity, teachers, custodians, or other students.


Students will:

  1. Treat teachers, parents, other students and our host/facility courteously and with respect

  2. Be in class in a timely manner. Continuous tardiness will be grounds for dismissal.

  3. Listen attentively to teachers/volunteers.

  4. Complete assignments given by teacher.

  5. No running, jumping, gymnastics and or chasing in the building.

  6. No climbing trees or other structure on church property.

  7. No screaming, yelling, or profanity, vulgar/insulting language will be used at any time.

  8. No defacing or destroying of property. In the event that something is broken/damaged you will pay to repair or replace the item.

  9. No hitting, pushing, chasing or otherwise physically harming others. 

  10. Stay in assigned classroom. You must obtain permission to go to the restroom.

  11. Do not litter, pick up after yourself, and be respectful of the facility we use.

  12. No pocket knives or any type of weapon is allowed on campus. 


Failure to abide by the above rules will result in the teacher or teacher assistant doing the following:

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. “Time Out” period (age appropriate- usually 1 min per year of age).

  3. Parent/Guardian will be notified of the discipline problem.

  4. If the student displays continuous disruptive behavior and a persistent uncooperative spirit, student will not be permitted to continue in the HEARTS Homeschoolers Co-op.



  1. Volunteer Time/Help with co-op classes (8 hrs. a month minimum). You may assist in: setting up, clean up, calls, assisting a teacher/facilitator.

  2. This is a cooperative. Parent participation is essential to our success.

  3. Tardiness is disruptive to the class. Please bring your student(s) to class in a timely manner.

 We understand that failure to Comply with the code of conducts can be grounds for dismissal.

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